Why choose us?

beyond Protect Ltd


Global Supply Chain

With offices and agents in major markets, our global team has the ability to quickly adapt and respond to our customers’ needs. Our dedicated employees build partnerships with customers and strive to provide world class customer service. Our integrated in-region logistics capabilities provide us unique flexibility to deliver product directly to customers by several types including Drums in containers, Bulk vessel, Bitutainer, truck and Jumbo bags.

Pricing strategy

Beyond Protect’s pricing strategy is to maximize our customer’s benefit through best buying price, lowest possible delivery time and flexibility in payment term and method. Huge purchase volume agreement with refineries in addition to own production facilities, enables us to guarantee the best price for our valuable customers.

Flexibility of supply

In addition to selling bitumen produced at our own facilities, we have purchase agreements with other suppliers and we buy bitumen through offtake agreements and on the spot market. This provides additional flexibility in providing our customers with a secure, reliable supply of bitumen.

Sharing our Knowledge and experience with our customers

With many years of experience in supplying and trading bitumen and other oil related products, and day to day monitoring of the world markets, we have gained knowledge and insight on today’s business conditions, laws and regulations. By studying and knowing the different countries’ rules and regulations on related imports in a variety of markets and regions such as India, Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Cameroon), Indonesia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia and other regions and countries, we are capable of trading and supplying in the many markets of the world with ease and comfort. We are ready to share our knowledge with our customer, as we believe that our customer growth is Beyond protect’s oil growth.

Quality of Products

As a company which puts all its effort and energy on its customers’ satisfaction, we are pledged to do our best to provide our clients with the high quality products in our industry. By maintaining modern laboratories to assure quality and expert supervision, we ensure excellence and quality in all of our products.